Darn! Can’t think of a title!

Friday, six thirty pm, more specifically six thirty-five. I currently have a science project I must start but can’t bring myself to do so, I have an unfinished story to write that I can not bring myself to do so, and I haven’t eaten lunch and can’t bring myself to the refrigerator. I’ve already saw two movies just now, back to back, and my eyes are withering away, I have a book to finish reading and another three books to complete, I gave up working on my story because apparently PA days are just bad days for me to work, I always end up going on YouTube and Google for bored reasons (and today is no exception).

Has anyone seen the movie Adaptation? Directed by Spike Jonze and starring Nicholas Cage? Cage plays a screenwriter suffering from writer’s block at the worst possible time; when a book is needed to be adapted and he’s the screenwriter. So he’s in his bed room glancing at the typewriter waiting for words to arrive at his brain so he can fill up that blank sheet poking out of the top of the paper feeder. I feel like Cage in that movie right now. I can’t imagine myself being a full-time writer and has all the time I need to work, because that’s precisely when I can’t work, I must say, shutting myself in a room in front of a computer isn’t the best writing environment. But look at Slicewrite, he’s on chapter twelve and going! 

Wow, I’ve written two paragraphs and more than two hundred and fifty words, why am I so good at whining and not good at producing quality material??? 

I’ve discovered a new catchy song, ‘Under Pressure’ by Queens. To say I am under pressure right now is an understatement, I have wasted a perfectly good day of opportunity to work on my writing and failed miserably, I think I’ll go listen to ‘Under Pressure’ and get myself something to eat.


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  1. Wow! You really are serious about movies. Your mentioning of the film “Adaptation” for some reason has me thinking of the film “Being John Malkovich”. Have you seen this movie? You might enjoy it… it shares some similarities with “Adaptation”. I think I might’ve even liked it more, though.

    “Under Pressure” is a great song! Here’s a video you might enjoy:


  2. That video is brilliant! How do you attach a video to a comment? It’s brilliant!
    I haven’t seen ‘Being John Malkovich’ yet, now that you mentioned it, I look forward to seeing it at first chance I got. Those two movies are both written by Charlie Kaufman (he wrote some really eccentric screenplays), he also wrote Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, have you seen that movie? I haven’t but I look forward to seeing it too, I heard it’s a very acclaimed movie.

    🙂 Malvoyant

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