The Second to Last Day of 2011

Today is December 30th 2011, the second to last day of the year. I still have an unfinished English project to complete, and I sincerely hope I won’t let it drag on into the new year (come on! I’m in high school now!)

I published a new short story, boringly titled Letter from a Witness, don’t be fooled, the story may be quite profound despite the perhaps unprofound title. Read it for yourself and decide!

During the last few months I’ve re-thought the long and epic (and quite abandoned) novel Guacamolia I had planned to write (I was two chapters into it before I realized the story wasn’t good enough, in my perspective), now I’ve come up with this new synopsis with old ideas and I’m building upon it (the title “Guacamolia” shall stay). If anyone’s interested to know what the new story will look like, give me a comment and I’ll post the new plans for Guacamolia I have in mind and on Word document. 😉

Lastly not least, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a happy new year. I myself am looking forward to watching several new movies my dad bought, among them “Die Hard”.


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What is it with my English Teacher?

It’s the second to last day before exams, and I’ve gotten my short story which had been submitted for the short story unit, A Vengeance Tragedy back! And right from the moment I got the papers with the rubric attached I somehow knew I screwed up again, well not technically, I only screwed up according to my much loathed English teacher.

My average percentage is a jaw-droppping 78%, I know, I know, it’s a B+, but seriously, I had higher expectations. My English teacher disliked the story, on the grounds that it was written like a joke, and was more than unbelievable (to her that is)). You’ve read it, so judge it for yourself.

I classmate of mine in another class got a whooping mark of 90%; pretty sweet. I read her story and it struck me as kind of recycled material, but nevertheless well written and a powerful piece of work (pardon me for the paradox). This very excellent student complained about the 90% her teacher gave her, believing it not good enough. I didn’t tell her what I had gotten, because she didn’t care anyways, I’m rather sure nobody cared what mark I got; saves me the breathes.

Anyway, I was satisfied with my work on the short story, and my English teacher was not. Who had the final say, her of course. How do I feel? PISSED OFF, in capital letter that is. So much for the originality and creativity she demanded! Has she never heard of Franz Kafka?

This was, I believe, an unjust situation. What do I wish to do about it? Blow up with school and kill everyone with bombs…just kidding. I decided to revisit my less than well-written short story and tweak it a bit, since I’ve come up with a new premises to go with it, along with a new title, The Atom, hopefully this is an improved version more in tone with what my English teacher would accept. I did this only so I may be more satisfied with my short story, not to cater it towards an audience of misjudgment. That does not stop you from reading it, and decide for yourself if Fred here has any sound mind at all. Please go ahead and check out the renamed Page: The Atom.


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My English Teacher Has Renounced Her Promise!

My English teacher, whom I have began to loath since recently, has renounced her exception of my short story submitted for marking (Eternal Paradise of the Spotless Mind) on the grounds that it was too long (by one page double spaced). She offered me a choice to either cut the story by a page’s length (cut at least 400 words from the 1100 word story), which she said she shall help me on doing, or I could write another, shorter story.

As much a better deal it sounds to rework the current shorts story to fit the criteria for submission, I refused because I believe the story can not be cut any shorter without losing some of its “soul”, so instead I wrote a much shorter story titled A Vengeance Tragedy (not the clichéd revenge type story, I guarantee it), which you can read here on that title under pages.

What my English teacher had done was collect all of the short stories we in her class wrote and read then over, write a few suggestions or completely pan the story for a rewrite (the latter seemed much more common), and edit a bit of grammar here and there. When I got my story back (the first one I had submitted), there wasn’t a word of correction on there. She flatly told me it was too long and either she didn’t even look at it or she did and failed miserably to comprehend the meaning 0f that story and found no way to comment (if the latter scenario was true, I understand why she had to reject the story with an alternative reason; teachers must always be a step ahead of students).

All I can say is, I did my part, my English teacher likely did not, and I am very pissed off at her (maybe without good reason). I also hold a very pessimistic view of society too right now (maybe without a clearly defined reason), it may not aid the initiative required to be successful in life in this world, but it certainly feels pretty justified to be a cynic.


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Whoa, what year is it right now?

I’ve been so long gone from my blog I feel what I’ve written three, four months ago seemed like from ages ago. Did high school consume all of my time? Apparently. All of it? No, I was just listening to music to un-stress myself these dark days of 9th grade misery. Check out this amazing tune from an old movie:

Everything seems more hopeful when you’re listening to epic music, now, down to the point, I’ve written a new short story! Actually, I wrote it for English class (the short story unit, my favorite  unit in English of all time), and it exceeded the 500 word maximum limit by twice that amount, thankfully, my English teach decided to accept it. Fell free to read it right now, it’s titled Eternal Paradise of the Spotless Mind, which I ripped off from another movie I watched.

YES! Now I won’t have to feel terrible for abandoning my blog!




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1000 +

Every blogger needs to post a THANK YOU when they reach 1000 on the hit counter, so I did mine.

😀 😀 😀 !!!THANK YOU!!! Everybody! 😀 😀 😀

Now, I gotta get back to work! A blogger don’t deserve 1000 hits if the blogger doesn’t produce WORK.

Malvoyant Berserker

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Hello? Anybody there?

Wow, this is dull season on the blog, I must say! None of us post ever so often anymore (the writers at are much more active), I still find myself going to check our blogs to read stuff. Where’s the motivation when you need it? I even made up a poem about it on the spot: 

>motivation is like a solar-powered calculator…my solar-powered calculator.

>my solar powered calculator…is a peculiar calculator,

>it has no “off” button…it doesn’t need one…

>it goes off on its own!

>it needs to be coaxed to wake up…I slam it on the table to wake it up,

>I slam it and slam it…fearing I’m going to break it.

>and finally…my solar-powered calculator woke up from its dozing sleep…

>like motivation did, an hour ago…

I finally finished Chapter 2 of Guacamolia! You know, I’m so obsessed with producing what I hope to be quality material that I find it hard to produce them! Thanks to motivation then! And thanks to all of you! 😉

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At the request of my fellow friend at (pen name Sven Vladimir Rostovski), I will be co-writing his supernatural-romance-suspense epic saga Neuf Aurox. My friend Sven introduces many characters, and I will be writing one branch of the storyline (as soon as I figure everything out). The first post will come about tomorrow, featuring the beginning of  Valkiri: The Order Of Cygnus. 

Also, at, The Watcher agreed to co-write Guacamolia with me, chapter 2 will be coming from her (unless you the reader prefers otherwise).  

Awesome thanks,

Malvoyant Berserker

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Another Notification

From Malvoyant Berserker,

For every completed chapter of a serial novel I post, there will be a “Completed” stamped on the title, like on Guacamolia Chapter 1. If you’ve read the unfinished version of the chapter, check out what’s new and complete! 😉

Thanks people, Guacamolia Chapter 1 is complete!

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At this moment I wish I was my anti-hero character Dennis Raveley, who doesn’t care about the H word and isn’t afraid to not finish it.  

I must say, I got a lot to do for this long weekend and don’t want to start doing it, so I’m passing time on the computer here right now. I know, I know, time is precious, but it sure doesn’t feel like it when the motivation is on leave. Gosh! Finishing The One Hundred Levels of Closets, that story on my blog, is another piece of h*******, and I’m not even doing that!

Get a move on! Fred, what are you waiting for??? So during Hard Times like these, I’ll just take a long moment to listen to this AWESOME song here, check it out!

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All Is NOT Quiet On The Blogging Front

All is no longer that quiet on the blogging front, as it is yesterday. I have written something that is related to my job of producing fiction. And will keep working on it!

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