The Second to Last Day of 2011

Today is December 30th 2011, the second to last day of the year. I still have an unfinished English project to complete, and I sincerely hope I won’t let it drag on into the new year (come on! I’m in high school now!)

I published a new short story, boringly titled Letter from a Witness, don’t be fooled, the story may be quite profound despite the perhaps unprofound title. Read it for yourself and decide!

During the last few months I’ve re-thought the long and epic (and quite abandoned) novel Guacamolia I had planned to write (I was two chapters into it before I realized the story wasn’t good enough, in my perspective), now I’ve come up with this new synopsis with old ideas and I’m building upon it (the title “Guacamolia” shall stay). If anyone’s interested to know what the new story will look like, give me a comment and I’ll post the new plans for Guacamolia I have in mind and on Word document. 😉

Lastly not least, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a happy new year. I myself am looking forward to watching several new movies my dad bought, among them “Die Hard”.


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What is it with my English Teacher?

It’s the second to last day before exams, and I’ve gotten my short story which had been submitted for the short story unit, A Vengeance Tragedy back! And right from the moment I got the papers with the rubric attached I somehow knew I screwed up again, well not technically, I only screwed up according to my much loathed English teacher.

My average percentage is a jaw-droppping 78%, I know, I know, it’s a B+, but seriously, I had higher expectations. My English teacher disliked the story, on the grounds that it was written like a joke, and was more than unbelievable (to her that is)). You’ve read it, so judge it for yourself.

I classmate of mine in another class got a whooping mark of 90%; pretty sweet. I read her story and it struck me as kind of recycled material, but nevertheless well written and a powerful piece of work (pardon me for the paradox). This very excellent student complained about the 90% her teacher gave her, believing it not good enough. I didn’t tell her what I had gotten, because she didn’t care anyways, I’m rather sure nobody cared what mark I got; saves me the breathes.

Anyway, I was satisfied with my work on the short story, and my English teacher was not. Who had the final say, her of course. How do I feel? PISSED OFF, in capital letter that is. So much for the originality and creativity she demanded! Has she never heard of Franz Kafka?

This was, I believe, an unjust situation. What do I wish to do about it? Blow up with school and kill everyone with bombs…just kidding. I decided to revisit my less than well-written short story and tweak it a bit, since I’ve come up with a new premises to go with it, along with a new title, The Atom, hopefully this is an improved version more in tone with what my English teacher would accept. I did this only so I may be more satisfied with my short story, not to cater it towards an audience of misjudgment. That does not stop you from reading it, and decide for yourself if Fred here has any sound mind at all. Please go ahead and check out the renamed Page: The Atom.


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