My English Teacher Has Renounced Her Promise!

My English teacher, whom I have began to loath since recently, has renounced her exception of my short story submitted for marking (Eternal Paradise of the Spotless Mind) on the grounds that it was too long (by one page double spaced). She offered me a choice to either cut the story by a page’s length (cut at least 400 words from the 1100 word story), which she said she shall help me on doing, or I could write another, shorter story.

As much a better deal it sounds to rework the current shorts story to fit the criteria for submission, I refused because I believe the story can not be cut any shorter without losing some of its “soul”, so instead I wrote a much shorter story titled A Vengeance Tragedy (not the clichéd revenge type story, I guarantee it), which you can read here on that title under pages.

What my English teacher had done was collect all of the short stories we in her class wrote and read then over, write a few suggestions or completely pan the story for a rewrite (the latter seemed much more common), and edit a bit of grammar here and there. When I got my story back (the first one I had submitted), there wasn’t a word of correction on there. She flatly told me it was too long and either she didn’t even look at it or she did and failed miserably to comprehend the meaning 0f that story and found no way to comment (if the latter scenario was true, I understand why she had to reject the story with an alternative reason; teachers must always be a step ahead of students).

All I can say is, I did my part, my English teacher likely did not, and I am very pissed off at her (maybe without good reason). I also hold a very pessimistic view of society too right now (maybe without a clearly defined reason), it may not aid the initiative required to be successful in life in this world, but it certainly feels pretty justified to be a cynic.


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  1. Well,M.Anderson, I have faced the same, or even worse problems with my English teacher. 500 words and that’s it. But I do think that’s more of tyranny in some parts, your carelessness on other. Second one, the vengeance Tragedy was still too long though.
    M.Alain Turgeron

    • I see you’ve even done a word count of A Vengeance Tragedy, thank you very much for that reminder, thankfully the story fits under two pages, double spaced, and needn’t be heavily condensed to fit the criteria as well as my personal satisfaction.
      By too long, you mean that 300 more words than the 500, am I correct?

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