Valkiri – Order of the Cygnus Chapter 2

By Malvoyant Berserker

Apologies to Kadmos Dhinawan (Sven Vlad changed his name) and readers who thought I’ve shut down for good, sorry.

Ruth raised her head above ground level and glanced around with the slightest tilt to her neck, to check whether it’s broken, and then proceeded to check the limbs on the rest of her body, testing each with a tiny jolt, and finding that she was not injured in any serious way, she used her arms to propel her into a sitting position, and looked around again. Miraculously, she was still in the cockpit of the totaled plane, the windshield of the plane now had a giant hole in it, oh yeah right, that’s where the guy flew out, Ruth thought, and stood up shakily. She left the cockpit and went along the plane aisle to the light to where the plane had torn in half so she could get off. Ruth did not, or tried not to, look at the remains of the fellow first-class passengers some still in their seats, some slumped in the aisle, she stepped over these in the aisle and moved on. A smell of fuel was still in the air, burnt, and dust particles were airborne in the trillions, Ruth found this very annoying. Then something moved behind her and Ruth turned her head around too quickly, sprained it, said ‘ouches’, and saw Ross Layton in the dusty blazer that was once shiny, following her from behind, and somehow still had a smile on his face.

“Some crash that was, wasn’t it?” Ross said to Ruth, and all the dead passengers around them, beaming.

“You got that right.” Ruth massaged her sprained neck that was once perfectly fine. “And I assume you’re happy about it, you look like you just got off the best roller coaster of your life.” Ruth found herself joking even though she wasn’t in the mood to joke.

“Oh yeah, it’s one of the best crash I’ve had in my life, but not the best. I was thrown off a patrol helicopter once in Afghanistan, while I was enlisted there. The helicopter was under fire from some machine-gunner and it was shaking like crazy, I got thrown out the butt and landed on top of some mountain, so had to shoot my way to the nearest American outpost with a fractured leg, I made it. You know, when they backtracked to where I landed on the mountain, they did a body count of all the insurgents I killed on my way to the base and it was fifty-nine in total, apparently I had wiped out all the insurgents hiding on that mountain in one night what an entire battalion couldn’t do in five months! For that act I got made a decorated soldier.” Ross watched ‘Lions For Lambs’ three days before he got on the plane, and the memory of the movie where two guys got thrown off a helicopter in Afghanistan was still fresh in his memory, Ross wished he had a tape-recorder.

“…and that was your best crash experience ever?” Ruth could not find the right words to describe her thought on Ross’s story. She had never heard anything so outlandish, and her dad Abrahem did know a lot of very outlandish Zulu legends. “I’m not surprised you’re bald then.” Ruth had to say that.

“Oh yeah, I see you’ve noticed.” Ross patted his dusty bald head, “Take a guess, how old am I?”

“You’re…hey, what’s the point you’re trying to make here? We just went through with a plane crash and you’re just standing there? You’re not affected” Ruth was getting back on track with her common sense, and Ross was not helping.

“Oh yeah I am, of course I am!” Ross cheerfully said, “Like I’ve said, one of the best crashes I’ve had…”

“Will you shut up for a moment here?” Ruth screamed. “I’m trying to think!”

Ross suddenly lost his smile and his cheerful expression; it looked to Ruth as if he just switched personalities, is he a schizophrenic? Ruth thought, eyeing Ross in a searching way. “I guess I should tell you something then…” Ross said very sincerely.

“Will you hold on to it for now and talk later, we got a situation here.” Ruth replied.

“If I talk later, I might lie…unless of course you want to hear more of my epic lies, I guarantee they even surprise me sometimes, they’re just so…” Ross got cut off.

“Wait, wait, wait a minute, slow down, what did you just say?”

“I was wondering if you’d like to hear another one of my epic lies, they’re…” Ross got cut off again.

“No, not that, what you said before that, what you were saying about something you might lie or something?”

“Oh! That part! I see, well you see, I’m a certified A-standard pathological liar, I can lie without conscience. Basically, I was born a diagnosed liar.” Ross had explained this fact to many people before, but most of the time, they thought he was lying again.

“Oh…so you didn’t kill fifty-nine insurgents in Afghanistan, am I correct to say so?”

“I was lying.”

“And you made that up about falling off a helicopter and landing on a mountain.”

“I was telling one of my epic lies, I admit that”

“You’re not a decorated soldier.”

“That too was a lie.”

“I don’t think you’ve ever been to Afghanistan.”

“I’ve never been in the army either.”

“That’s just great, for a moment there I though you were help on the way.” Ruth flung her balled fists in the air.

“I forgot something in the cockpit.” Ross suddenly exclaimed and rushed back to the head of the plane, he emerged later carrying Anna in his arms. Unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ross didn’t have muscles of steel; he was struggling to not drop Anna, who was unconscious with a clot of dried blood on her forehead. Ross did not succeed in waking her up when he knocked Anna’s head against a still upright seat as he made his way down the aisle over some dead passengers to Ruth.

“She’s heavy as a plasma screen!” Ross exclaimed.

“This is not good.” Ruth said when she saw the blood clot on Anna’s forehead. Together, they made their way to the severed edge of the plane. The drop to the desert ground below was about two feet, but Ruth sprained her ankle jumping.

To be Continued (Shortly)

And a happy summer vacationing to all!

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