Hello? Anybody there?

Wow, this is dull season on the blog, I must say! None of us post ever so often anymore (the writers at Blogspot.com are much more active), I still find myself going to check our blogs to read stuff. Where’s the motivation when you need it? I even made up a poem about it on the spot: 

>motivation is like a solar-powered calculator…my solar-powered calculator.

>my solar powered calculator…is a peculiar calculator,

>it has no “off” button…it doesn’t need one…

>it goes off on its own!

>it needs to be coaxed to wake up…I slam it on the table to wake it up,

>I slam it and slam it…fearing I’m going to break it.

>and finally…my solar-powered calculator woke up from its dozing sleep…

>like motivation did, an hour ago…

I finally finished Chapter 2 of Guacamolia! You know, I’m so obsessed with producing what I hope to be quality material that I find it hard to produce them! Thanks to motivation then! And thanks to all of you! 😉

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  1. Excuse moi, I’m regularly post at least one, but I agree. thestormlover’s lack of ideas, others just took a more time than usual to finish.

  2. The hot air has passed…

  3. Fortunately, when holiday comes, I hope writing fronts go stronger because we have more time and things to think about our writing stuffs.

  4. Yeah! Vacation’s not workless, I see. I got a few short stories to launch on my blog, it’s been months since Wilby Lake was published.
    Gee I’m looking forward to the writer’s awards hopefully soon, ’cause we might not have any more time to do it after next week! I think it’s time for another post from our head writer Ms. Satterthwaite.

  5. I just thought of writers meeting and discussing ideas about their novels/stories( and also playing cards at same time), for most of us wordpress folks will be in same school at next year, and we needs to renegersize our brains, for most of us, the ideas are lacking, and one of most ardent writers have mostly shutted her blog, ’cause of lack of ideas unfortunately. What do you think?

  6. You know what I think’s the problem? We have nothing to say. When our imagination runs off we chase it and the result is what comes out of our publication, then we get tired of chasing our imagination and ideas don’t come anymore ’cause we no longer hunt for it, that’s when we go down. Without inspiration, without purpose, without the will to write, we’re just drunken fish swimming in the sea of vanity fair.

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