At the request of my fellow friend at (pen name Sven Vladimir Rostovski), I will be co-writing his supernatural-romance-suspense epic saga Neuf Aurox. My friend Sven introduces many characters, and I will be writing one branch of the storyline (as soon as I figure everything out). The first post will come about tomorrow, featuring the beginning of  Valkiri: The Order Of Cygnus. 

Also, at, The Watcher agreed to co-write Guacamolia with me, chapter 2 will be coming from her (unless you the reader prefers otherwise).  

Awesome thanks,

Malvoyant Berserker

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  1. The collaboration of newcomer and Guacamolian will be quite good and thank you to Monseiur Berseker.
    Radames ‘Emu’ Dhinawan
    Sven Valdimir Rostovski
    Felix Gonzalez

  2. Rubin Salenkovitch. Quite long name.

  3. First chapter first segment complete, I got more to write but am too tired to continue.

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