Another Notification

From Malvoyant Berserker,

For every completed chapter of a serial novel I post, there will be a “Completed” stamped on the title, like on Guacamolia Chapter 1. If you’ve read the unfinished version of the chapter, check out what’s new and complete! 😉

Thanks people, Guacamolia Chapter 1 is complete!

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  1. lol cool! and since u agreed that i could be ur co-author. we can come up with some awesomely amzing chapters! 😀

  2. amazing**

  3. Well then, Chapter 2 is all your’s! If you need ideas, reply, I got plenty lot!

  4. ahaha 😀 ok 😉

  5. YAY! Vive LE Guacamolia! How’s Valkiri goin’?

  6. Will start working on it as soon as I finish some nagging writing for music I have to finish. Give me a comment on any additional infromation you want me to include (I have the basic character profiles) and I’ll begin on Sunday probably. 😉
    Valkiri, is that what it’s entitled?

    • Yep, but it’ll be named completely as Valkiri: The Order Of Cygnus. Order of Cygnus is the previous order that Denali Mountbatten and Gavin’s father, Villem’s located. Later, Order of Cygnus is reorganised by Gavin, the leader.Ross Layton’s in second in charge while I haven’t decided the others’ jobs. Sven’s like helpful defining poisonous plants or animals. And let’s say that Anna’s dying, nearly knocking the door of the death, and Ienna heals her. Then they’re spending a night at plane wreckage, led by Ross. 🙂

  7. Yep, and probably I’ll change it to Order Of Cygnus in future. Plus I’ll send it to you some exztra information soon.

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