By Malvoyant Berserker


(if you’ve already read the intro, scroll to ‘Before the curtains’ for more details)


The Eighth Continent on Earth

There are eight continents on Earth, Guacamolia is one of them. Being the smallest of the eight land masses on Earth, it is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the Equator, roughly half the size of Antarctica. It has three different environments; the northern areas are temperate forests of coniferous and deciduous trees, home to the werewolf tribes and vampire villages. The median grassland and mountains (and some big abandoned cities) are home to zombies (not the brainless flesh-eating idiots you expect in most books). The southern rainforests and desert is home to fairies. 

Introduction of the Species 

Werewolves, according to humans, are mutated monsters that turn into wolves when the moon is full, these ‘monsters’ feed on humans and anyone wounded by them turn into werewolves, these facts are all true, however, werewolves according to werewolves can turn into werewolves anytime they like; even during daytime, they don’t target primarily humans but they are indeed carnivores (humans deny think they eat humans only because when humans see werewolves, they are usually eating another human, and therefore causing an all-to-often misunderstanding). Anyone bitten by a werewolf will turn into a werewolf, although that is not always a bad thing, because werewolves have abilities humans would not get even if they take lots of steroids, and werewolves age twice as slow as humans do, they can live up to three centuries and still be physically fit enough to hunt and kill a panther. Being a werewolf can be quite nice, there are no wolf and wolf conflicts, only with vampires. Werewolves are nomadic creatures; they live in tribes similar to that of North American, Australian and African aboriginals, they hunt in packs and lead simple lives. Werewolves, unless provoked, are not violent. Their diet includes any kind of meat (except zombie meat).

Vampires are humanoid creatures with pale skin and an appetite for blood. According to humans, they are demons disguised as humans who creep into people’s houses at night to drink their blood to live, shoot them (in the chest) on sight. Vampires are actually non-violent social beings and are not likely to kill unless hunting or in an act to self-defense. They live in stationery communities that resemble 18th century European villages. The grudge against werewolves has been the only factor of violence in history since the first vampire. Anyone bitten by a vampire will become a vampire; they are immortal, there-fore never ages or dies unless killed using fire or extensive sunburn. Vampires determine their age according to how long they have become vampires, for example, a child who has been a vampire for two thousand years is older than an adult who’s been a vampire for three centuries. Their pale skin is sensitive to sunlight, which makes them a common sight in dark, cloudy areas, especially in forests. The macabre is an annual event in which humans and vampires dance together for one hour on midnight (without killing each other). Vampires can drink blood of any animals (including that of werewolves) except for zombie blood, which is poisonous; they can drink the blood of their own kind but vampire laws forbid that (vampires are not cannibals). Vampires don’t eat anything else.

Zombies, according to humans, are sick, disgusting corpses that can walk for supernatural reasons. A recent theory suggested a virus called solanum, which shuts down all bodily functions in a human except the brain, causes infected humans to become flesh feeding zombies. That theory and everything humans believe are true about zombies are urban legends made up to scare little kids; except for the solanum virus, that part is actually partially true. According to zombies, zombies are humans infected by the solanum virus (most of the infected are civilians, and therefore has no idea what caused them their undead-ness). The zombie brain is about as intelligent as the human brain, minus a few IQ points for every year the zombie is a ‘zombie’; the only thing different about them and humans is that they do not feel pain nor can they be killed or wounded (unless hit in the brain). Zombies, patients of the solanum virus, are not flesh-eating monsters as human describes them to be. Because zombies have a dead digestive track and a working common sense, (they have no need to eat, drink, sleep or seek shelter at all) their brain will tell them that they are not ‘humanitarians’ (if vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?). The virus in their brains keeps the brain active all year round, there is no need for rest. Zombies are not violent nor are they carnivores, any records of zombies attacking humans is simply in acts of self-defense, anger or boredom, they have no basic needs, and does not often know what to do. Infected humans will first faint and their organs will stop, then after roughly five hours they reanimate and wake up with little or no memory of their previous self, like a newborn arriving to this earth. The longer zombies are zombies, the more they become idiots, unless they find a purpose in ‘life’. Zombies do not die unless killed, solanum infected flesh is harmful to decomposer bacteria, so zombies overtime do not rot away. Zombies are able to operate any physical skill their former self can operate (a learned skill does not fade away like a memory, although zombies rarely know why they possess the skills they have), if a surgeon is zombie-fied, the reanimated doctor will know how to do surgery. Zombies are not native inhabitants of Guacamolia; NATO operates a top-secret division in the national security branch whose purpose is to hunt solanum infected humans and deport them to Guacamolia. In short, Guacamolia is a continent only the government knows about.

Fairies, consisting of elves, gnomes, sprites, dwarfs, pixie, trolls and other such folks from Lord of the Rings and other fantasy movies, are southern dwelling creatures that prefer warm weather and isolation; they live in colonies numbers between 100-1000 fairies per colony, each subspecies of fairy live separately. Their bodies are designed to convert energy they take in into magic, the source of their abilities. They are herbivores. 

Cyborgs are aliens from the planet of Cyber-earth eleven light years away from earth. A technologically advanced race of species, these humanoid beings resembles Transformers, little is know about them, other than the fact that they have some kick ass weapons and choose to colonize earth, starting with Guacamolia. NATO doesn’t know this, only the inhabitants of Guacamolia are aware of the cyborgs’ existence, and they think cyborgs are from mainland Europe, sent here to exterminate the races. Cyborgs are made entirely out of mechanical ‘parts’, they are robots with brains. Each cyborg has a unique brain-chip which is their central intelligence, or brain, robots don‘t have a self functioning brain, that is the difference. Other than the need for grease electricity and diesel to power their joints and gears, cyborgs have no need to feed. Their ranks; from 1st class – 100th class, is determined by the technological advancement of their bodily weapons. As long as cyborgs keep themselves oiled, they will never expire, unless their brain chip gets damaged. 

Before the curtains

Cyborgs from the planet of Cyberearth travel through the universe in search of planets with intelligent life; their reason being to colonize the found planet to power their next upcoming technological mega-burst, or upgrading of Cyberearth; Cyberearth is a planet on the far corner of the Milky Way, every few thousand years, the planet’s metallic substance upgrades itself, to upgrade/evolve, it must absorb certain energy, energy of living things. For many thousand years, cyborgs of Cyberearth gives up a part of their own central intelligence energy as a union to upgrade Cyberearth, but in the past earth century, the population of cyborgs in Cyberearth declined at an alarming rate due to a disease called rust; through this upcoming upgrading, Cyberearth will become a stainless steel planet, to prevent the rust epidemic from occurring again. But for now, the rapidly rusting cyborgs of Cyberearth face a problem; there is not enough cyborg central intelligence to upgrade Cyberearth to stainless steel status, so they must seek an alternative; find energy source from other intelligent creatures. After a twenty earth year search across the galaxy, they found earth, and after another two earth year analysis, they found earth suitable to harvest its intelligent creatures to fuel Cyberearth’s upgrading, and since earth’s population is so great in number, the cyborgs decided to only use the energy of earth’s intelligent creatures and leave themselves out of the sacrifice, this of course is what the cyborg head-central, Borg, is thinking; however ‘inhumane’ it sounds. Noting the humans are much less technologically developed, the cyborgs, camped on the moon for a while, decided to avoid direct conflict and sneak up from within, by establishing a base on earth, they chose Guacamolia, the smallest continent on earth with little human activity; except for some ‘unknown’ creatures that inhabit the land mass, the land is mostly ‘natural undeveloped soil’. The first wave of cyborg battle-bots departed from the moon and arrived at Guacamolia’s southern rainforests…the war with fairies began and ended in a week. 

The characters

Shroons-is one of the winged fairies who survived the massacre that happened in the South during the cyborg siege of southern Guacamolia, he is a messenger fairy; one of the many sent from their colony for help right before it got mowed down by gigantic robots they’ve never seen before. Finding almost all major fairy colonies destroyed and their inhabitants missing, Shroons is at a loss as to what to do.

Erick with both a c and a k-Erick is a one year-three month-two week-five day-four hour-twenty four minute-six second old zombie and a seventeen year old ex-human; he is one of the four million zombies wandering around in the grasslands, with his companion, Erick’s sister.

Erick’s sister-Erick’s companion, one year-three month-two week-five day-four hour-twenty three minute-forty two second old zombie and eleven year old ex-human, unlike Erick, who has a name tag on his shirt he woke up in that says Erick, Erick’s sister doesn’t have a name and can’t think of one, so Erick and she assumed that she is Erick’s sister. Erick and Erick’s sister argue a lot about remembering what happened right before Erick fainted and Erick’s sister fainted right afterwards (they were both infected by the solanum virus), they never get much out of it but Erick insists the because Erick’s sister fainted before he did, she must remember more than he does.

Wolfe (pronounced ‘wolfie’)-a young, ambitious and very wolf werewolf in the wolf-pack hunters (the werewolf army), when the cyborgs simultaneously landed in the northern forests to begin their colonization/extermination here, they met much stronger resistance; in one of the resistance teams, Wolfe is the second in second-in-command.

Lezlie-a two hundred year old vampire (a toddler), previously a twelve-year-old girl, from one of the vamp-villages in the northern forests, when the cyborgs invaded, she can’t believe her overprotective guardians won’t let her participate in the action (after all those decades of not being allowed to do anything), finally she can’t take it anymore so she ran away from her home village, Shadyville, to join the jolly diesel drinkers, a band of vampires who drink cyborg diesel (diesel is not a harmful drink to all species of living things) and kill cyborgs while they are at it.

K9jr-recently promoted cyborg lieutenant, 8th rank, after excellence in battle at the fairy-week-war and the battle of Dipping Ridge with the werewolves; a major breakthrough in the guerrilla warfare with the werewolves. K9 is to be one of the leading officers in the upcoming battle of Avocado Hill, first major battle with the zombies.  

Borg-leading general of the Cyberearth military, this rank 1st cyborg is…very metallic

Mara-during the cyborg penetration of Earth’s atmosphere to Guacamolia, the passenger plane she’s in just happens to be flying above the clouds that hang overhead in the zombie grassland, and it just so happens that K9jr’s plasma shielded form slammed into the economy class, creating a big gaping hole. The Boeing 747 went down and she didn’t die. Unfortunately, she landed in the second most isolated land mass on the planet and where a war is about to go full-scale, Guacamolia. And there are no fellow humans around.

If anyone is interested, I’ll release the plot.

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  1. OMG THIS IS SOOOO AMAZING!!!! i lovee the story line and -demand- to hear more!! KEEP UPP THE GOOD WORK 😀

  2. this is an idea I can thouroughly enjoy.

    • Aww… I spelled “thoroughly” wrong.

      Oh well…

      Again, great idea!

    • I think this is an opportunity for hyperactive pineapples to come in.

      • how could this ever relate to the hyperactive pineapples!?

      • Don’t forget, the vegetation of Guacamolia has differences to the vegetation of other continents, and like mangosteens only grow in hot climates, hyperactive pineapples can only grow in Guacamolia (optional), and like cocaine, it supplies hyperactive energy to consumers (it’s a practical, if not obvious feature of the fruit/vegetable).

      • hmm i guess it could work….but don’t go crazy with it!!

  3. Thanks for the support people!
    Character profiles will be released shortly.
    Got any suggestions?
    ie: include romance in this plot, one of the characters should be handsome, the villain should be a cyborg, the this and that should happen…and so on, all ideas welcome.

    • umm duhh!! of course the characters have to be handsome 😉 for me that is

      • And don’t forget a charaacter should have double personalities like Jekyll and Hyde.

      • Do you prefer a handsome zombie (grey, blond hair, tongue hanging out abnormally, one eye missing, giant patch of dried blood across chest, some skin in patches, oozing puss…that’s a handsome discription of a zombie right there), a handsome wolfman (I’d say the most fashionable wolf colors are white and grey), or Robert Pattinson? Cyborgs are very fashionable robots, so they are definitely handsome (Cyborg from Teen Titans).
        I like the double personality, as I failed to mention earlier, fairies can do with a double personality.

      • hmm i like the werewolf one! eww honestly the zombie is a TURNOFF!! dude if u want romance u know who to call….*cough* *cough* if u didn’t know it’s me…

      • I’ll certainly be calling very very soon, or perhaps in a few weeks, I’ve added a human character to the storyline.

      • yess that’s really good….could i possibly be a co-author? CAUSE I REALLY LIKE THIS STORY!! (sorry bout the caps)

      • DEFINITELY! I’d love to co-write this!

      • yayy!! this is going to awesome!! 😀

  4. Interesting.But you have to increase the details about the invasion and battles between Guacamolians and Cyborg tribes.Perhaps you could add new weaponry and romance between that. But don’t make it too disgusting( you know what i indicate) but i’ll expect it highly entertaining better than mine.
    Sven Vladimir Rostovski.

    • umm make it very discusting! add in blood and gore cause that will make it very interesting! also with the romance…be very detialed about that too! 😉

    • Between whom do you suggest the romance be between? There are many possibilities, make up a new character if you wish. 😉
      Personally, I like the integration idea.

      • lol romance….how bout one of these “creatures” falls in love with a girl that’s normail hmm…wat do u think?

      • normal**

  5. awesome start!!!

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