At this moment I wish I was my anti-hero character Dennis Raveley, who doesn’t care about the H word and isn’t afraid to not finish it.  

I must say, I got a lot to do for this long weekend and don’t want to start doing it, so I’m passing time on the computer here right now. I know, I know, time is precious, but it sure doesn’t feel like it when the motivation is on leave. Gosh! Finishing The One Hundred Levels of Closets, that story on my blog, is another piece of h*******, and I’m not even doing that!

Get a move on! Fred, what are you waiting for??? So during Hard Times like these, I’ll just take a long moment to listen to this AWESOME song here, check it out!

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  1. Fredrick Malvoyant, perhaps you could write long stories.

    • Check out Guacamolia, it’s the beginning of a truely epic epic. I am still working on the basic storyline.

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