Theme or Plot?

I was wondering, when you write, do you need a central theme for the writing to be based on or do you need a plot or story? Or neither? You just write what you feel.

For me, I think all three is applicable.

How about you? (I’m not sure how to do this “survey” on a poll, so just post your comment below, thanks)


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  1. One, or the other, both, or neither!

    I dont’t think it really matters.

  2. it really depends what your writing style is like! I usually just have a basic storyline, and then add on as I go.

  3. Personally, I need a bit of a concept. I haven’t ever written anything longer than about 50 pages (which was the first few chapters of a novel, and I lost steam… twice, in fact) so I think I’d probably need a real plan if I were going to do something lengthy.

    That said, I went to hear Philip Pullman speak a couple of years ago (he’s the author of “The Golden Compass” – if you’ve only seen the film, you MUST read the book because the film was terrible, in my opinion) and he spoke of his writing technique. He actually said that he feels like stories already exist and that he’s just a conduit for them. He starts writing and they just kind of flow out of him. Have you ever had that experience? I know sometimes when I start writing I feel like I get into a groove and it just kind of ‘comes out’.

    And no, for the record: I’m not comparing myself to Philip Pullman ;P

  4. When I write I improvise. All I need is an idea and I can make up a story as I go along. Basically, I wonder imaginationland collecting data as my fingers work the keyboard or my hand hold a pen (the latter is becoming an increasingly rare case). As for writing my thoughts, they can go on from here to eternity…if I stay on task.

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