An Award Ceremony, Anyone?

I think at the end of the school term (or sooner, better) we should have an award ceremony where we can vote on who’s the greatest blogger and all those stuff we can honor. We can do something like the Academy Awards.

The Hodg-a-wards sounds nice. 


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  1. That would be pretty cool…

  2. We should pass it on to Meridian Charmer.

  3. hmmmm…
    cool idea! we should have some wacky awards too, just for fun…

  4. Meridian Charmer here. I think this is a fun idea… I wonder if there’s a way we could do is so every single person gets appreciated in some way??? We’ve got quite a lot of time to think about it. Maybe we could come up with crazy ideas for award titles that highlight all the different people writing in the Group. This is definitely something we should talk about at our pizza party in a couple of months! What do other people think?

  5. I like that idea!! It would be cool- we could each think up our own catagory for a blog we choose out of a hat and then make a DIY award for it! Can`t wait to see where this goes!!


  6. Let’s see…
    Best writing
    Best fiction
    Best non-fiction
    Best poetry
    Best blogger
    Best post
    Best speculative writing
    Best random facts writing
    Best attempt at advice seeking
    Best novel writing (complete or in developement)
    Best poem writing
    Best informational writing
    Best short story writing
    Best fictional character (in a novel or short story)
    Best fictional supporting character (ditto)
    Best editing (since we usuallly don’t publish our rough drafts, let’s just say most flawless post)
    Best original stuff (came up with it all on my own)
    Best adapted stuff (based on an event, another story, or a major inspiration)
    Best plot structure (most awesome general idea)
    Most debatable
    Most thought provoking
    Most humorous
    Most personal
    Best comment
    I hope I wasn’t too biased on the categories, we should be able to come up with more on our next meeting, in the mean time, come up with your own! Oh yeah, and we can submit stuff for our fellow bloggers to nominate (no bribery).

  7. All these ideas are awesome!

  8. LOL. Plus The best Chuck Norris Jokers!

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