The Title of This is Undecided

Meridian Charmer, if you happen to read this, that means I’m live too.
Whoa, I have no idea what to say right now.

And how do I change my forehead picture thingie?

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  1. The forehead picture thingie, AKA the header image, can be changed in your dashboard. Click on ‘my blog’ at the top of your blog and choose dashboard (you need to be logged into your account by the way). On the left hand side, scroll down to Appearance. You’ll have to look through that section, what you’re looking for is something like ‘theme options’. If you can’t find it, come see me next week and we can look for it together. Once you do find it, it allows you to upload an image from your hard drive to use as your header.

    Welcome to blog land! I’m very excited that you’ve joined this group!

    – Meridian Charmer

  2. Your blog looks like a petition. Where do I sign?

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