Going Official

My first short story entitled Wilby Lake will be released in two weeks, after I get over the writer’s block I’m experiencing and the overbearing amount of homework (projects) I have to finish. 

Here’s what I can come up with during combat with writer’s block, hope somebody likes it:

Wilby Lake

by Malvoyant Berserker

There’s a lake at the site of Wilby Lake.

There’s a town called Wilby Lake that used to be right next to Wilby Lake. Now, Wilby Lake is at the bottom of Wilby Lake. Some years back, the St. Lawrence River got so high, both the town and the lake, built in the lowlands beside the St. Lawrence, flooded.

There are rumored to be zombies in Wilby Lake; zombies of the inhabitants of the now underwater Wilby Lake.

There’s a bus stop that stops right at the fringe of Wilby Lake, that bus stop has stopped there a long time ago, but busses don’t stop there anymore.

Confusing, eh?

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  1. That..was…AWESOME.

  2. Spooky–in a good way 🙂

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